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Feb. 27th, 2009


Looooooong Tiiiiiiime on LJ

Now I have to update more often. xD

Now I'm doing good so far. Very sick, been coughing alot and it SUUUUCKS!!!
And now when I cough my arm hurts a little. Somethings wrong with me. I know that.

I'll update sooner or later! Hang in there! :)

Aug. 12th, 2008


Writer's Block: A Posthumous Oscar for Joker?

Do you think Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar for his role in the Dark Knight?
Yes. With passion he does. It could bring back memories for his wonderful performince.
Pardon me for my spelling. D:

May. 24th, 2008


Something awesome. :D

Something I made during my free time. Thought I might show you guys some of it. Do not take it and claim you drew these pictures, that's bullshit. 


Be good please. Thanks!

May. 3rd, 2008


Cookies are love...

I'm tired of pop-ups these days!!!


Don't you hate it too???

I just wanna browse through some sites withouts some stupid advertisments popping up randomly!!! Fuck this shit!!!



Thank you for reading. Sorry for cussing. :3



Weirdo alert

Hey there guy's, sorry for not  being  on this site lately. I've been a little stressed out about school plus I'm working on some drawings for my friends on dA.

This is just me being weird and I hope you'll forgive me for not being on this website. If you guys wanna see my artwork you can just go to;


I'm mostly there, it's additcting.

Mar. 17th, 2008


Writer's Block: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?

 I'm thinking of being in green for the whole week! I love being part  of my Irish side. :)

Jan. 3rd, 2008


What Do You Have To Say? - My Guilty Pleasure

What's your guilty pleasure?
Child like romance. It's a curse to me and I freaken love it.

Oompah Loompah!

Hello again, sorry for being a bother but I have been wanting to show some of my sketchs to people who know nothing of my work. XD

I wanted to start with some D*sney stuff. I was at D*sneyland one time and I got to bring my sketch book so I can draw the wonderful adventures of being there with the D*sney characters.

When I got to fantasyland, we saw Alice chasing Peter. The reason why (is what Alice told us) Alice and Peter were playing a game and Peter cheated! She got to us and I was able to have a picture with her. Ha! That was so fun, I haven't had a picture with Alice ever since I was a little girl.

It was, I think, a clay model of Ariel with her long red curly hair. I had to draw her. Even her face was all giggley is soooo adorable. I used my HP Image Zone to make the picture look like it was drawn on old paper. Lots of fun for Walt D*sney if he were alive now.

I didn't scan other pictures I made at D*sneyland but I did see Giselle at the parade. She was so pretty. Her dress was freaken BIG! It could hide some of the seven dwarfs there!

I also thought of giving some of the D*sneyland workers credit. They were mostly there for us, they deverve credit! I did so even when we got on the train I was talking to the canducter (DiD i SpElL tHaT rIgHt?), she was so sweet.

Also at D*sney, I seem to make lots of friends with little children. But c'mon, it's adorable! Kids these days visiting D*sneyland are real fun! <3

My gramma was there at D*sneyland! It's been so long since she came to D*sneyland, so so long. When we were at the Peter Pan ride waiting in line, we were near one of the castles and I kept seeing the evil queen (from Snow White) opening and closing the certains. That women has issues, really!

But mostly I got to see the christmas parade! *giggles* FUN! I was also happy that they didn't make the beast  all 'handsome', I like him as a beast he's adorable that way. *giggles again*

Bye bye now!


Jan. 2nd, 2008


What Do You Have To Say? - My Biggest Dream

What is your biggest dream? How do you plan to achieve it?
I would like to make my own movies at the Disney compeny. I just need to be sucessful and try to finish Middle School, High School and Collage. =) I'll be sure to make it.

Pretty much new and stupid.

Hey there!

This is just a journal test, I would like to say this;

I feel like a princess

I feel like a total freak (XD)

I kinda feel like Tinker-Bell. Yes that's right, I went there. <3

And this image is freaken awesome! <3